The following instructions are applicable to Event Promotion only.
What kind of purchase are eligible for commissions?

All publishers join our program on a commission rate of 7% of transaction value (excludes any insurance fees, delivery fees or other relevant fees and expenses) of each Qualifying Purchase. The commission rate will increase based on performance for those publishers who are able to deliver large volumes of quality traffic.

We offer commissions for the Qualifying Purchases. “Qualifying Purchases” means purchases completed by the Buyer on the Site via the Participant’s advertisement of Content. A purchase shall only be deemed to be “completed” by a Buyer if the Buyer has taken the requisite steps required by the Site for acknowledging transaction completion. For the avoidance of doubt, transactions on the Site that are refunded by Buyer shall not be deemed as a Qualifying Purchase.

Why the amount of money I received in the account is less than the sum of commission fee in the S2S report during the same period?

We offer commissions (the amount of money in your account ) for the completed purchases, "completed purchase" means the items have been delivered to the buyers successfully. But the commission fee in the S2S report is the estimated fee for all paid orders, some orders are only paid in this month and would be completed in next month. We will pay the commission when the status of the orders is "completed".Please check the order status in the order detail report.