Where can I view the commission I’ve earned?

There are two ways to check your commission:


a. Go to the Monthly Bill section, click the Event tab. The amount under Commission (approved) is the commission you earned in this month. Note: on the 15th-20th of each month the commission details for the prior month are released.


b. Or go to Payment Center --> Balance Details --> Income to view your commission income details.



When can I get the commission I’ve earned?

The commission fee is available to withdraw between 25th to 30th day of the next month. For example, the orders completed in April of a calendar year shall be remitted to the partners between 20th to 30th day of the May in the same calendar year.


In order to withdraw your commission, the balance of the commission must be no less than US $16. Please note that there is a US $15 processing fee for withdrawals.


As there is a US $16 processing fee for each withdrawal, the minimum withdrawal threshold is US $16. If your current commission balance is less than this amount, it will be rolled into the next month's total. You cannot withdraw the commission until your balance reaches US $16.

What payment methods does Alibaba.com support for commission withdrawal?

Currently, we only support international wire transfers.

What does each withdrawal status refer to?

The four withdrawal statuses are: Processing, Success, Failed, and Returned.


Processing: we are reviewing and processing your withdrawal request.


Success: Your withdrawal request has been approved, and we are transferring the funds to your bank account.


Failed: Withdrawal failed. We are unable to transfer the commission to you due to incorrect account information provided. In these cases, the commission amount you’ve requested to withdraw will still stay in your Affiliates account.


Returned: the funds have been returned from your beneficiary’s bank, and that commission amount will still stay in your Affiliates account.

Where can I view the details of the commission I’ve earned and withdrawn?

You can view your withdrawal history and current withdrawal status in the Withdrawal Details section.



To view the history of the commission received and withdrawn, please go to the Balance Details section.