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The following instructions are applicable to Event Promotion only.
How to track and set up s2s Postback?

Step1: Tracking Link Configuration

Configure the tracking link to include all the required parameters for the campaign.

Please see an example below: pid={pubid}&tp1={clickid}&…&…

Green part - This is the click server link which has your account id and other information encoded. You can get this on the platform;

Yellow part – These parameters contain the information that you wish to track, pass to us and needs to be postedback via our server to server url;

Step2: Server to Server Postback URL Configuration

You can configure and update the URL in

A server to server postback url example is below: https://www.your-server-url?pubid={pid}&clickid={tp1}&commission={est_com}&source=alibaba

Please note NOT all of the parameters listed in the example url are required. You only need to choose those ones that you need us to postback. Please see below for parameters explained.

  • {pid}:your sub publisher id specified in tracking link
  • {tp1}:your unique click id or transaction id specified in tracking link
  • {ord_id}:the ID of the order
  • {ord_platform}:the platform of the transaction, pc,wap or app.
  • {ord_geo}:the geo of the placed order
  • {ord_amount}:the amount of the order without shipping amount and after discounts
  • {p_sku}:sku id of the product
  • {p_name}:the name of the product
  • {com_rate}:the commission rate of the product
  • {est_com}:the estimated commission
  • {tp2}-{tp5}: other value specified in tracking link
Creatives Instructions

Introduction to Landing Pages and Hot Product Feed for the Event Promotion..

1. Homepage

Alibaba Homepage

Alibaba Ready to Ship Page

2. Special Promotion

Weekly Deal Page

Free Shipping Page

Fast Dispatch Page

3. Hot Categories

4. Hot Product Feed

Hot product feed is the recommendation for the hot products, the products with coupons or discounts, the hot selling products and the hot search products. The feed is updated every day.

How do I use the link for the Event Promotion?

You’ll find a selection of promotional resources included banner links in our Ads Center.

1. Choose one page which you want to drive traffic to and click Get Code: 2. copy and paste the code to your webpage
What is the difference between the products with "Start Order" button and the one with "Contact Supplier" button?

The wholesale products are the products that are ready to ship and in stock, the users can buy them online directly. Product example:

The customized products are the products with "Contact Supplier" button only and for the users who have customized requests and need to contact the suppliers firstly. When the sellers confirm the order detail, the users pay it. Product example:

The customized products are able to tracked, the attribution logic of customized products is the same with the wholesale products.

What is the cookie period?
Alibaba tracks all valid purchase up to 15days after a visitor is directed to from your affiliate link.
Can I promote any product I want ?

You can target any product you want. There is 2 ways to get the product page tracking URL:

1) Get the product id to append on the tracking link: You can get your specific shortkey from the Program > Hot products. The shortkey is different as for PC, WAP and app.

How to find out product id?
Mobile wap:  App: 
To promote product with product id: 62050354078 in PC, the tracking link should be :

2) Get the constructed tracking url via deep link tool: You can input any product page url in Tools > Deep Link Generator to generate the specific url to promote. Pls note that deep link generator only supports product url, not page url.

Can I promote any page I want?

No, you can’t.

We only launch part of the popular& well-converted pages in Programs>Event Promotion. If you want to promote any page, please contact us Deeplink generator doesn’t support page url.

What kind of links can I generate via Deep Link Generator?

Deeplink can be generated for product URL only. Any other tracking link except product url is unable to generate via deep link generator.

How can I find out hot products with buyer benefit to promote?

You can find hot product feeds via Program>Hot Products. We offer wide range of buyer benefit including: hot deals, coupon, discount, free shipping and update the feeds every day!

If you want to promote any page, please contact us