What types of reporting are available?
After signing in to, you can view your performance and traffic reports in the Reports section:
Performance Reports
  • Your Performance Report contains the overall data for your account as well as your lead and commission details.
  • You can filter your results by Promotion Type, Tracking ID or Country.
Traffic Reports
  • The Traffic Report allows you to analyze the online activity from your campaigns. These include Page Views, Number of Unique Visitors, Conversion Rate(s) and the Page Bounce Rate(s).
  • You can filter your results by Promotion Type, Tracking ID or Country.
Download Center In the Download Center, you can download your Lead Details and Data Overview.
  • Lead Details includes your Lead Status (pending, approved or rejected), the commission generated from each lead and the amount of leads for corresponding landing pages.
  • Within Lead Details, you can select reports from up to the past three months as well as 13 different parameters.
  • You can use this report to analyze which categories, countries or landing pages provide the best conversation rates.
  • In the Data Overview, you can view your leads, commission status, conversion rates, page views and more.
  • If you want to optimize your campaign, you can export the data by clicking Download Reports.
How much historical data is available?
Reports are only available for the past three months from the current day. For example, if you search for data on 30 December, then you can only see data going back to 30 September
For what types of reason can a Lead be rejected?
Leads that fall into the following six categories may be rejected: Incentive Traffic Source, Cookie Hijack, Spam Lead, Trademark Bidding, Test Lead and Robot/Botnet Post. Click Here to learn how to avoid your leads from getting rejected.
When is the Lead Status updated?
After each lead, the status is automatically set to Auditing. We will update this status on the 20th of each month to display whether the lead has been approved.
How recent is the reporting data? What is the standard time zone?
The reports are recent up to two days beforehand. For example, if today is 27 March, you can access data up to 25 March.
Our standard time zone is Pacific Standard Time (PST).
How do I optimize my campaign to increase my commission earnings?
You can go to Download Reports and click on the Lead Detail tab. Here you can download specific data including the categories or countries for all your leads. From the data in the Lead Details tab, you can also see your publisher performance, as well as learn how well your landing page is performing. This data can help you analyze which categories and countries are performing best for more precise targeting. For example, ‘Apparel’ may be performing best in the US and not the UK.
Why is the downloaded file empty?
It may be because of the following two reasons:
  1. You may have selected too many filters that don’t exactly match your requirement(s). You’ve narrowed the data too much, or the timeframe you have chosen is too short. Please choose the filters and then try downloading again.
  2. Your traffic volume is too low to generate any conversations. Click here to view other landing pages to try and increase conversions.
Where can I find the site’s traffic stats?
You can find this data by clicking on ‘Traffic Report’. This report includes a daily count of Unique Visitors, as well as, Page Views and Bounce Rates. You can also go to the Download Reports to download and view the stats.
How can I find which landing page has a better conversion rate?
You can click on Download Reports, and then choose the Lead Details tab. You can find all the information you need there.
Where can I find the data in regards to the publisher’s performance?
You can click on Download Reports, and then choose the Lead Details tab. You can find all the information you need there.
Why are the following three attributes empty in my data file? Commission (approved), Conversion Rate (approved) and Lead (approved)?
Every month on the 20th, refreshes the data for the previous calendar month for the three mention attributes (Commission, Conversion Rate and Lead). Therefore, while the system is actively being updated, you won’t be able to see any data from these three attributes. So, for example, on 20 June, the system will refresh the latest available data for the previous month (1-31, May), and while the system is being refreshed with new data, you won’t be able to see any data.